Learning from those who “do” is the best way to truly understand the practical side of research. Technoid aimed at aiding in the development of practical research skills.

Technoid workshops are a smart and cost effective way to support continuing professional development. Our immersive programs are expert-developed and designed to improve quality in every facet of student’s education.

Technoid conduct workshops in different parts of the country to help the student community learn best practices making industry ready. Workshops are conducted by cutting-edge industry experts, innovative thinkers, makers and doers, experts from academia who will utilise numerous proven teaching strategies and learning activities that will spark creative ideas for your own program development. We discuss use cases, innovations in the area and any challenges in implementation. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a comprehensive overview of specific methods and techniques.

We make students – Invent, explore and break down stuff . Make memories.

Technoid organises a range of workshops regularly covering diverse areas of Computer Science, Electronics & Communications, Electrical, Mechanical and Skill Development.

Workshop Topics: